480x240_facciata_1.jpgTannery CO.RI.PEL. and previously Mauro Capaccioli have operated in the market for more than 50 years by presenting leather items carefully made to satisfy demanding customers who follow the eccentric changes of fashion.

Ideas and experience, technological research and planning, strict production procedures and quality control of the materials and the finished leather have enabled coripel to develop good
business relations with the best shoe and leathergoods manufacturers worldwide.

Well-known stylists, qualified manpower, straightfoward and open-minded freelancers, reliable suppliers, prepared and efficient salesmen are the key to success.

A success also ensured by the managing capability that coripel's executives were willing and able to establish.

The natural apsects, the intrinsic characteristics, the respect for the environment, the precision in deliveries, the economic investments are all prerogatives to guarantee the quality of coripel product.